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Soundtracks accidental, serendipitous and contrived... To be added to as the fancy strikes me.
Kenshin canon Era (Lucio Battisti) This song is old! Did you know? I listened to it for years before I ever looked it up. -
modern-times AU Maybe Sprout Wings (The Mountain Goats) -
Cyberpunk Kenshin "Blades of Blood," "Witchy Woman" (Vathara) Wires (Athlete) 88 downloads? Someone really likes this song. Or maybe you agree cyberpunk Kenshin is delicious.
→fanart for "Witchy Woman"
Kingdom Hearts Axel Returning to the Fold (The Thermals) The vast majority of Thermals songs are basically written for Organization XIII -
Sora ++ Stamp (Nishino Kana)
Deep in Your Heart (Doumoto Kouichi)
"Stamp" is clearly Sora+Roxas. "Deep in Your Heart" is Sora+Everyone! Especially Riku. -
Vagrant Story Ashley + Sydney Wood (Second Person) I basically just loop this while I'm playing the game now -
FF7 canon Unless It's Kicks (Okkervil River)
To The Sky (Maps)
One of these broke my heart. Wry u do that, Okkervil River, wry? -
fanon (Particularly fics by ciceqi) Core and Rind (Andrew Bird) Seph on lead vocals and guitar, Cloud on guitar, Zack on drums, Reno on keyboard, Rude on bass, everyone on backup vocals! -
Gundam Wing canon Here's Your Future (The Thermals)
I Let It Go (The Thermals)
The rest of Thermals songs are written for GW -
"Freeport" (Maldoror) St. Rosa and the Swallows (The Thermals) Duo sings most songs for the GW boys, but this song is for himself -
"The Arrangement" (Maldoror) To Destruction (Dolorean) →lyrics I love Wufei so much -
01x02 Half Life (Imogen Heap)
How We Fade (The Thermals)
Damn, and I don't even like this aspect of this pairing! Imogen Heap is made of shiny.
"How We Fade" could work in a zillion places, but 01x02 deserve kickass, so it goes here.
01 Pulverized (Calla) I knew there was something Heero would sing! Probably! -
05x01 A Stare Like Yours (The Thermals) All Thermals, all the time~
This song would work for 05x02 too, but I say the surly pair gets it.
psycho 02 For Real (Okkervil River) Ah, the hallowed and venerable "Psycho Duo" subgenre. What, you say? You need an introduction?

I only recently started listening to this album (Black Sheep Boy) with full attention and @_@ I now realize this is just the most obviously crazy psycho song on it. (Yes, I thought "A Glow" was sappy romance for years!)
02+05 Bastard (Ben Folds) Working on fic for this. Nothin' more to say! -
03 Let Your Earth Quake, Baby (The Thermals) Sorry Trowa... But I'd love to read this story. -
04 Black Sheep Boy (Okkervil River) This song in this context feeds the bunnies so bad... -
05 Help, I'm Alive (Metric) Am I crazy, picking this for Wufei? Yes. But this is pretty much the Ita Vero theme song. (And Ita will get its own soundtrack post, someday) -
Gurren Lagann canon Chances (John Frusciante)
Spirals (Adem)
szzzt fics Shipverse ("Highwind") Scarecrow (The Pillows)
Down to Your Soul (Right Away, Great Captain!) →fic
"Made Man" Anthem for the Already Defeated (Rock Plaza Central)
We Will Rock You (Max Raabe & Palast Orchester)
Graceful Ghost Rag (Tom Constanten)
"We Will Rock You" now in the high quality version! -

Last modified: 2011/02/27 Added GW songs.

Date: 2009-12-14 03:31 am (UTC)
kkamagwi: (And the Lord said...)
From: [personal profile] kkamagwi
The "Here's Your Future" link leads me to the main Mediafire page. :( Trying out some other songs, though! I already have several from when you visited me. Do you want the rest of the songs from that Second Person mini-CD, btw?

Lol Duo would be singing all the songs, maybe with Quatre's help. If Heero sang, it would be in a monotone.

I love Wufei so much

I hate Wufei much less


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