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Title: "Wufei: In Esse"
Artist: szzzt
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Song/Theme: Au Revoir Simone - Shadows
Summary: Small portrait of Chang Wufei.
A/N: Done in Paint, as a way to jog me into writing more of the fic that goes along with it. So far, working. Heavy stuff goes down in parts 1 & 2, and this is protagonist-kun at the end of part 3, after he gets his ducks in a row and goes off to have lemons kick ass.

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So I committed art Friday night -- on dead trees! There were Copics! -- and I'm still in the "sappily-in-love-with-it" phase. Also, clearly I have it bad for Wufei.

I doubt I'll post the whole piece anywhere since it's a gift - and I only took a photo since I don't have a scanner - but I had to make an avatar. (See "in love," above.) So here.


Dec. 12th, 2009 01:13 am
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I been writin'. I have about half of a story! That is a far larger percentage than I have ever had before. I know what happens in it, too. Crossing my fingers -- but I've already drawn a cover page.

In other news, my feet are cold, I bought a wool hat, and uh... also bought an electric guitar last month, his name is Leon.

Art Academy continues to divert most of my art urge away from Tegaki. It's restricted, but also capable of some very interesting things I've never played with before, and it means I can paint Heero Yuy on the bus! Win win win

I got Sparkle Snapshot in the interest of trying out all DSiWare that could possibly be used to commit art, even if that is not strictly what it is for, and ohmygod it is pink. It's as pink as those photobooth things actually are, and that is PINK, sister. It does have some strong features -- for example I can open any image from the camera album and edit it, which means I can add multicolored sparkles and hearts to Wufei and anyone else I've drawn in Art Academy -- and it seems to have some opacity support as well as a tinted dodge tool. (Dodge tool! On DSi! Dude, now all you need to do is give me a Bloom tool and I will use it on every photo I ever take in my life, even if that means I have to frame every single one in insipid iridescent butterflies.) Plus your edits have their own layer. The GUI may be crusted in Pepto-Bismol and plastic rhinestones, but if I can overcome my reluctance to actually touch it... ergh... get back you on that one.
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So I've been reading Freeport after reading all the currently-posted Outlands after that was linked by [personal profile] mitsuhachi.

And after I finished I sat down and knocked out some fanart in just two nights, which is waysugoi fast for me, because Blade!Wufei is such an fantastic image that it occupied my entire hindbrain. It may still be doing so...

thumbnail of fanart

Fullsize under cut )

Nothing really to critique on this one atm. I sort of love it.

Done yay!

Sep. 21st, 2009 09:28 pm
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The thing is done! and posted to Tegaki! but I figured I'd put it here too so I could mutter about it more effectively.

loverly all-colored art under cut )

Coloring finished up way earlier than I expected and I'm pretty satisfied with the results, so maybe this is a good method to settle on for Tegaki, as opposed to skittering around doing stuff that is way too time-consuming XD to be good for me.

You may notice I sneakily did desperate fix on barf skin tones seized opportunity for the guy on the right by coating him in purple! He is some kind of fire imp I guess. This is the first time I have colored someone whose lips are lighter than their base skin tone. *checks off list* After teal and purple, the next unrealistic color I want to use in skin tones is royal blue!

So, parts I like: overall coloring, expressions, this mix of colors, non-anime noses. Shading could be better, but I like the shadows under the right-hand guy's chin. And he's a pretty good attempt at an up-the-nostrils shot from this angle.

Weak parts: naked with no reason, wth are those chairs, what are their hands doing and why are they out of frame, basically, lack of premeditated composition. (Why would a fire imp and a tribal chieftain be doing high-school detention naked? We need backstory here, backstory!) Right-hand guy's facial anatomy improved a heck lot from sketch but is still not quite right for this angle. And I need to study shiny highlights on hair.

I have pretty much just been talking to myself here, but if anyone wants to critique any bits of art I post, it's welcome.
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The thing is progressing.

Art under cut )
When I try to do skin tones with opacity on computer, they look like barf until like, step 78 of 80. I had a pretty good system with just 3 or 4 colored pencils; why are skin tones so hard on computer? T_T
It looks a lot better on this page's dark bg than on white, though.

The gamine one is getting more love than Mr. Dreads there (and needs a long dangly Weiss Kreauz Aya earring, yesh). Mr. Dreads will probably turn out better though. I still don't know who they are XD
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Got a thing in progress on tegaki, it'll probably take another couple of weeks to finish.
For whatever value of "finished" I go for.

I will try very hard not to go for fully colored. I already have pic ideas queueing up three deep! I shrink from posting a WIP, because it may bear that shame-scrawl for years! Maybe I can fob the bunny off with attempt at low-saturation faux watercolor.

Anyway, there are these dudes in the thing, and I have no idea who they are. I was sort of trying to convince myself they're a couple of OCs I have, but no that won't work! Art why won't you behave!

Art under cut )

I wish I could draw the same person twice arrrrrr

This makes me feel sad for all the WIP art languishing on my HD. I should post them all somewhere and have a WIP-love-fest, and get the oomph to draw Kenshin a background and give Sephiroth some pants.

Yes there is actually a WIP I stalled because I couldn't make myself draw pants


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