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So I committed art Friday night -- on dead trees! There were Copics! -- and I'm still in the "sappily-in-love-with-it" phase. Also, clearly I have it bad for Wufei.

I doubt I'll post the whole piece anywhere since it's a gift - and I only took a photo since I don't have a scanner - but I had to make an avatar. (See "in love," above.) So here.

Done yay!

Sep. 21st, 2009 09:28 pm
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The thing is done! and posted to Tegaki! but I figured I'd put it here too so I could mutter about it more effectively.

loverly all-colored art under cut )

Coloring finished up way earlier than I expected and I'm pretty satisfied with the results, so maybe this is a good method to settle on for Tegaki, as opposed to skittering around doing stuff that is way too time-consuming XD to be good for me.

You may notice I sneakily did desperate fix on barf skin tones seized opportunity for the guy on the right by coating him in purple! He is some kind of fire imp I guess. This is the first time I have colored someone whose lips are lighter than their base skin tone. *checks off list* After teal and purple, the next unrealistic color I want to use in skin tones is royal blue!

So, parts I like: overall coloring, expressions, this mix of colors, non-anime noses. Shading could be better, but I like the shadows under the right-hand guy's chin. And he's a pretty good attempt at an up-the-nostrils shot from this angle.

Weak parts: naked with no reason, wth are those chairs, what are their hands doing and why are they out of frame, basically, lack of premeditated composition. (Why would a fire imp and a tribal chieftain be doing high-school detention naked? We need backstory here, backstory!) Right-hand guy's facial anatomy improved a heck lot from sketch but is still not quite right for this angle. And I need to study shiny highlights on hair.

I have pretty much just been talking to myself here, but if anyone wants to critique any bits of art I post, it's welcome.


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