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I forgot why I enjoy bad fic so much. Because it is so motivating to write better fic, of course! Because you realize that that better story is what you really want to read, and you think about it, let it tantalize you, all while you read the bad fic, yes.
Okay I need to go take a shower now


Fitzwilliam?! (Imagine me blurting that out loud. "Fitzwilliam?!!") No wonder everyone just calls him Darcy!

And Sir Walter Scott? Your drawerfic, did you have to? Your unfinished drawerfic, really? I am not reading your unfinished drawerfic. I need those neurons for trying to remember the characters in stories that have endings. But the anecdote for the novel your brother someday planned to write and never did--that was actually pretty interesting.

Still though, Sir Scott, I had to skim like twelve introductions I-kid-you-not, and your hero is pretty boring so far and rather shallow, and I might dump you at any moment for Frances Hodgson Burnett and her characters who define awesome by their very actions and are thus incapable of being unawesome. In fact I really hope someone has done A Lady of Quality for Yuletide. Wow, but that book would make a good manga.

Ah, I can't help it. Here is a scene.

“What was your message?” demanded the young lady of the chaplain. “You cannot return without delivering it. Tell it to me. I choose it shall be told.”

The chaplain clutched and fumbled with his hat, pale, and dropping his eyes upon the floor, for very fear.

“Pluck up thy courage, man,” said Clorinda. “I will uphold thee. The message?”

“Your pardon, Madam—’twas this,” the chaplain faltered. “My lord commanded me to warn your honoured father—that if he did not beg you to leave off wearing—wearing—”

“Breeches,” said Mistress Clorinda, slapping her knee.

The chaplain blushed with modesty, though he was a man of sallow countenance.

“No gentleman,” he went on, going more lamely at each word—“notwithstanding your great beauty—no gentleman—”

“Would marry me?” the young lady ended for him, with merciful good-humour.

“For if you—if a young lady be permitted to bear herself in such a manner as will cause her to be held lightly, she can make no match that will not be a dishonour to her family—and—and—”

“And may do worse!” quoth Mistress Clo, and laughed until the room rang.

--A Lady of Quality, Frances Hodgson Burnett
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Soundtracks accidental, serendipitous and contrived... To be added to as the fancy strikes me.
Kenshin canon Era (Lucio Battisti) This song is old! Did you know? I listened to it for years before I ever looked it up. -
modern-times AU Maybe Sprout Wings (The Mountain Goats) -
Cyberpunk Kenshin "Blades of Blood," "Witchy Woman" (Vathara) Wires (Athlete) 88 downloads? Someone really likes this song. Or maybe you agree cyberpunk Kenshin is delicious.
→fanart for "Witchy Woman"
Kingdom Hearts Axel Returning to the Fold (The Thermals) The vast majority of Thermals songs are basically written for Organization XIII -
Sora ++ Stamp (Nishino Kana)
Deep in Your Heart (Doumoto Kouichi)
"Stamp" is clearly Sora+Roxas. "Deep in Your Heart" is Sora+Everyone! Especially Riku. -
Vagrant Story Ashley + Sydney Wood (Second Person) I basically just loop this while I'm playing the game now -
FF7 canon Unless It's Kicks (Okkervil River)
To The Sky (Maps)
One of these broke my heart. Wry u do that, Okkervil River, wry? -
fanon (Particularly fics by ciceqi) Core and Rind (Andrew Bird) Seph on lead vocals and guitar, Cloud on guitar, Zack on drums, Reno on keyboard, Rude on bass, everyone on backup vocals! -
Gundam Wing canon Here's Your Future (The Thermals)
I Let It Go (The Thermals)
The rest of Thermals songs are written for GW -
"Freeport" (Maldoror) St. Rosa and the Swallows (The Thermals) Duo sings most songs for the GW boys, but this song is for himself -
"The Arrangement" (Maldoror) To Destruction (Dolorean) →lyrics I love Wufei so much -
01x02 Half Life (Imogen Heap)
How We Fade (The Thermals)
Damn, and I don't even like this aspect of this pairing! Imogen Heap is made of shiny.
"How We Fade" could work in a zillion places, but 01x02 deserve kickass, so it goes here.
01 Pulverized (Calla) I knew there was something Heero would sing! Probably! -
05x01 A Stare Like Yours (The Thermals) All Thermals, all the time~
This song would work for 05x02 too, but I say the surly pair gets it.
psycho 02 For Real (Okkervil River) Ah, the hallowed and venerable "Psycho Duo" subgenre. What, you say? You need an introduction?

I only recently started listening to this album (Black Sheep Boy) with full attention and @_@ I now realize this is just the most obviously crazy psycho song on it. (Yes, I thought "A Glow" was sappy romance for years!)
02+05 Bastard (Ben Folds) Working on fic for this. Nothin' more to say! -
03 Let Your Earth Quake, Baby (The Thermals) Sorry Trowa... But I'd love to read this story. -
04 Black Sheep Boy (Okkervil River) This song in this context feeds the bunnies so bad... -
05 Help, I'm Alive (Metric) Am I crazy, picking this for Wufei? Yes. But this is pretty much the Ita Vero theme song. (And Ita will get its own soundtrack post, someday) -
Gurren Lagann canon Chances (John Frusciante)
Spirals (Adem)
szzzt fics Shipverse ("Highwind") Scarecrow (The Pillows)
Down to Your Soul (Right Away, Great Captain!) →fic
"Made Man" Anthem for the Already Defeated (Rock Plaza Central)
We Will Rock You (Max Raabe & Palast Orchester)
Graceful Ghost Rag (Tom Constanten)
"We Will Rock You" now in the high quality version! -

Last modified: 2011/02/27 Added GW songs.
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Saw "Prince of Persia" the other day. A disappointment. I already know, from Robin Hood, that kohl-wearing bald people are evil. In fact, the whole time I was thinking: I really want to read Outlands now. I want to leave this theater and read Outlands instead. And then I was thinking, Ryou is right over there, with that turban, with his face turned. And then I just mentally replaced whoever was talking to Darius Dustan with Leyam, and it turned out pretty well! The court of the King of Assyria took a liking to the saffron-robed man of great awesomeness and many knives, and after a few prayers to Hygeaia he embarked on a long and distinguished career with the Hounds.

The previews, on the other hand, were like awesome ladled with awesomesauce. Avatar? Check! It becomes clearer and clearer that the movie is probably a distilled Season 1, which means not Aang and not Zuko but Sokka gets to do all the heroic things like having and losing the multiple girls. But the Blue Spirit was there. The BLUE SPIRIT WAS THERE!! FIGHTING! If only I had clearly distinguished an Iroh, perhaps drinking tea, my life would be complete.

Also, there was a Scott Pilgrim movie preview! There were seven evil exes! Hey, if there is someday going to be a comic-book-based movie that is good, this might be it. And I must say I REALLY LIKE the idea of making movies of indie comics, because Strangers in Paradise has room for many many movies, not to mention ELFQUEST. ELFQUEST.

Lessee.. there was a Tron movie, where clearly the mainframe has found 4ch and Bad Things have happened... and even the Eclipse preview inspired me with a semi-desire to go see it. Who can say no to beautiful taiga surroundings containing wolves the size of Volkswagens happily munching Seattleite vamps, compostable cappuccino cups still clutched in their cold hands? It's hard! It's like every single preview was for the kind of movie I like to see. America must be in need of some escapism or somethings. Excellent.

In other news, the tab containing The Arrangement, Epilogue Part II, has been rewound baaack to The Arrangement, Chapter 1, Part 1. Oh yes. Last time, I didn't skim any of the Breaking Storm chapters either. I swear, I am going to have this fic memorized in a couple years.
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So, as I've been saying for years, or at least months, or at least thinking loudly, a Freeport/Firefly crossover would practically write itself. Let's see if that is true!

Title: "Layover"
Author: szzzt
Rating: Worksafe for Companions and implied 2x5
Warnings: None.
Summary: Gundam Wing (Freeport)/Firefly. They say Freeport's the last best chance for the crazy and the desperate; Serenity just wants to do the job and get paid.
A/N: This is very short, just for fun and [personal profile] kkamagwi! Might be continued and perhaps develop a plot, or might languish. But I have the feeling that if I am shown more Firefly eps, continuation may spontaneously occur...!
Edit 2010/04/27: Annnnd continuation in comments, yo.

She should have known better, but even a professional could be surprised. )
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No seriously, they are. They're in league with the semicolons. I hear them plotting at night--to stab me in my sleep with their little pointy points. >_> COMMAS AND SEMICOLONS WHY WON'T YOU BEHAVE

What's the difference between a colon and a semicolon anyway? They're both like duct tape for joining sentence fragments right? Right! But two semicolons in a row would be weird, so clearly you're supposed to alternate them. And so, how many can you have in one sentence before you're Patrick O'Brian or Naomi Novik channeling Patrick O'Brian? Is three pushing it? How many semicolon-containing sentences can you have in a row? Because...given a free hand, and look it is free, I would write ENTIRELY in sentence fragments. Joined, if three words or less, by commas; if longer, by semicolons/colons. Uh-oh. Is that, uh, is that okay? Too late.

Who needs to use the word 'and' when you can use a comma anyway. I'm sure commas can't stab very hard. I write in quite small type.

And another thing! Let's say you're writing in reasonably tight 3rd person, and your POV character is doing things and thinking things. How do you avoid every paragraph starting with POV character's name? I look at current story and it's like:
Wufei Heero "I" Wufei Heero "And" Heero "I'll" Wufei He When Shit. Heero "If" Heero The Wufei Heero Damn. Heero "When" "That" "What" Wufei "Hn" "You" Heero Wufei "You" Wufei Heero "Ready" "No" "You're" It Heero "My" Heero Wufei "Are" Wufei Heero

Oh man, I laughed so hard writing that out. But it proves the point! I looked at one or two real books today, and they don't start more than half the paragraphs with a character name. Maybe I use too many active sentences? Maybe I need lots of passive descriptive sentences.
...Nah, not in this fic. Maybe I'm crazy and no one cares about first words of paragraphs. Or maybe it's a tip-off to claustrophobic writing--which is actually fitting for this fic--but is something it would be nice to be able to turn on and off. Maybe I should go to Absolute Write or somewhere and get actual answers for these questions, but it's more fun to just blather here.

It seems unfair that the little mechanics of writing are just about as hard as the big things, like figuring out what you want to happen in the story and how to make it happen. I guess I'm more prepared to sweat over those big things, 'cause duh, yanno that stuff's important. And if it was easy writers would never complain. But being unable to write because I can't figure out how to structure the sentence, that's just gratuitous.

Don't even get me started about bladed weapons and braided pilots XD

Oh yeah~

Mar. 1st, 2010 11:41 pm
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So on Saturday, the file holding the Current Story tied and then surpassed the largest file in my Written For Fun folder. (And that formerly largest file is not a story--it is a giant hoard of poems and fine quotes I have found trolling the Nets.) 94KB! Someone give me a cigar.

Did you know that 17,500 words is the length of a very short novella? I'm there. Plus there's another 1500 or 2000 words I haven't typed in yet... Oooh... *rubs hands in glee* (Those of you who are prolific, ignore me wigging out. I'll just be over here adoring my first story-shaped thing of length some more.)

I also have the lion's part of a lemon. I'm not sure what to think about this, but since I knew it was coming and was a bit worried about making it convincing, the hindbrain has settled on massive glee. I tell the hindbrain, "You can't tell if it's convincing! Besides, you need to write the lead-up scene now currently tagged only as 'something SPECTACULARLY KICKASS,' once you figure out what it is!" The hindbrain doesn't care. The hindbrain wants to write lovingly detailed explosions that conveniently kill off the bad guys and trap our heroes in an elevator with nothing but a futon, or something, yeah maybe I will tell the hindbrain to go take a hike for that scene, except of course for judging the correct degree of spectacular kickassery.

[personal profile] kkamagwi, you may be pleased to note that nowhere is "koi" used as a term of endearment in said lemon. That will not actually decrease its average prevalence in the fandom. *cries*


Feb. 5th, 2010 12:30 am
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When I come home, why can't I be stricken with the compulsion to write happy stories? Instead of the one I'm writing, which is like distilled ow, and which keeps getting longer? Or even to finish anything before I start something else?

*Prods ow story, which is still there, sullen and squicky and sort of breathtaking, just as it has been there awaiting writing every time it was prodded this last...entire...week and a half. God, it feels like thirty years.*

This story started after I got up from pretty wrenching dreams on a Sunday, started writing, kept writing, and managed to snatch a whole three hours of sleep before I had to stop writing for work -- Work?! What is this? I have to stop?! -- where it writhed under my skin all day and I was nonetheless elated. Apparently I wrote 4200 words that day and morning.

And it hasn't gone away. I'm used to stories flaring and burning out. This one is still there. I've managed to drag myself a little closer back to normal human mindset and even do some other things that aren't writing this stupid story, but it's there, and if I listen, more of it comes out. Un-fricking-believable. A new experience for me.

I'd be happier, I guess, if it was less disturbing than that essay I wrote in junior year in Iago-voice after we read Othello, explaining that he'd done it because he loved Othello and Desdemona so much. I think of that sometimes and wonder what the teacher made of it. I was a bit flustered, turning it in, but not ashamed...because I knew it was good.

Yeah well, this story, I dunno if it will get finished since the damn thing keeps getting longer and I persist in trying to write all parts of it at once... I'm not sure 'cause what do I know, but I think it's good.


Dec. 17th, 2009 12:07 am
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Continuing to write, thanks to wonderful encouragement. <3

With this one I started by writing the bits I wanted to write right then, so I have a string of important scenes up through the pre-climax, with gulfs between them. I'll probably do this again, since having a bunch of potential entry points makes it easier for me to sit down and start writing something, but now I'm playing connect-the-dots and wondering how the heck to get X character to X place knowing X information. Doom! Thank goodness for realizing I find it absurdly humorous to pound out several alternate timelines and lay them next to each other like a fast-forward Groundhog Day.

Annnd I just fell mostly asleep at the keyboard and got startled awake by a car alarm. Maybe I should go to bed early...?

Oh, this needs stating: Sparkle Snapshot can be worthwhile if the program is applied correctly, to wit, taking a badly-lit photo of a coworker and placing the largest pink sparkle in each of their cavernous eye sockets. Combined with the default rainbow butterfly border, the effect is indescribable. Be warned, though; there are some sights too terrible for the mind of man to contain.


Dec. 12th, 2009 01:13 am
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I been writin'. I have about half of a story! That is a far larger percentage than I have ever had before. I know what happens in it, too. Crossing my fingers -- but I've already drawn a cover page.

In other news, my feet are cold, I bought a wool hat, and uh... also bought an electric guitar last month, his name is Leon.

Art Academy continues to divert most of my art urge away from Tegaki. It's restricted, but also capable of some very interesting things I've never played with before, and it means I can paint Heero Yuy on the bus! Win win win

I got Sparkle Snapshot in the interest of trying out all DSiWare that could possibly be used to commit art, even if that is not strictly what it is for, and ohmygod it is pink. It's as pink as those photobooth things actually are, and that is PINK, sister. It does have some strong features -- for example I can open any image from the camera album and edit it, which means I can add multicolored sparkles and hearts to Wufei and anyone else I've drawn in Art Academy -- and it seems to have some opacity support as well as a tinted dodge tool. (Dodge tool! On DSi! Dude, now all you need to do is give me a Bloom tool and I will use it on every photo I ever take in my life, even if that means I have to frame every single one in insipid iridescent butterflies.) Plus your edits have their own layer. The GUI may be crusted in Pepto-Bismol and plastic rhinestones, but if I can overcome my reluctance to actually touch it... ergh... get back you on that one.
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...That clicking noise?

That's me, finding the first chapter of The Arrangement, by Maldoror.
For the third time.

I don't do that. I don't reread novel-length stories three times in a month and a half! I let them lay for at least a year!
Damn it.

But if you, dear reader, have not yet lost your sanity to this fic which starts with "made of oh, wow," graduates to "made of awesome" and layers on that "made of incredible" as it approaches endgame, then for god's sake don't do what I did and start the Breaking Storm chapters at 2AM when you have to be at work the next day. That is all.


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